As a clinical homeopath I am confident through my diagnostics and treatment you can be assured of recovery and return to health by the removing and eradicating the pathogens and so relieving you of your symptoms.

 With a growing knowledge base and tracking down the varied causes of chronic illness, and subsequent issues also brought in by patients I have successfully treated these conditions by eliminating those pathogens and in so doing restoring health in those affected.  Feel free to contact me and make an appointment today and take your health back.

Gary Wildfield   Cert. c.hom/dip.B.F.D.

Clinical homeopathy = micro dosing = exact matching = precision targeting.

Bio-electric functions diagnostics (B.F.D).

The Bio Electrical currents show measurements indicating the condition of the patient.  When the energy of an organ is read showing a primary disease, or the status of the other organs are affected by pathogens the B.F.D. is an extremely accurate way of confirming which pathogens are actually in the body by measuring resistance in the meridian lines.  Once confirmed the given remedy is used to carry the frequency wave through by extreme dilutions.

Clinical homeopathy deals with causes by removing them.

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