How long before I am better?

There is no silver bullet – quick fix, but once started the positive changes should be noticed fairly soon.

How much does it cost?

The treatment is costume built to each individual’s needs.  At the end of the consultation an accurate indicator of the cost shall be given.  This will depend on the length of exposure to the pathogen and the amount you may have.  Normal return to health 3 months to a year.

How long does the consultation take?

Between one and half to 2 hours for the first consultation, with follow up appointments 30 – 45minutes.  Finding the pathogens with hundreds of possibilities isn’t done in 15 minutes, this is why a 2 hour initial consultation is required, which by the end a list of pathogens causing your condition, the time it will take to eliminate them and a clear idea of cost for treatment are given.

How frequent are follow-up appointments?

Ideally every 4 weeks, however those with strong immune systems may find it less time between appointments works for them.

Does it work?

Yes, it does. Please read the testimonial page where improvement in patient’s health is in their own words.

Is the treatment programme safe?

The remedies used are made from natural substances and potentisation is a process making it safe and non addictive.

How about alongside medication from the doctor?

The course of treatment can be used safely alongside any other treatment and is not affected by your diet.


Breakdown of treatment fees

Initial consultation – including testing: £80.00

Follow up appointments: £35.00

Remedies: £15.00

Drainages: £25.00