Since Gary has been treating me my foot fungus has disappeared, my chronic lung condition has cleared up, my joints don’t ache at all having had debilitating arthritis and I have so much more energy and feel fantastic and all in 18 months.  I wish I had met him years ago.
Erica Carrick, Tiverton

After 3 treatments since June 2015 for eye cancer my tumour has dramatically reduced in size much to the amazement of my doctors and my eye doesn’t ache any more.
Wendy Saunders-Jacobs, London

Having had bronchiectasis since birth with no cure available I was very sceptical about any ways of improvement.  However, now, after only 3 months of remedies I feel better – I don’t cough so much, I have more energy and my chest doesn’t ache.  I am looking forward to the future.
Chloe Palmer, Tiverton

I had liver disease – in constant pain, totally bloated tummy and unable to function properly.  Thanks to Wildfields the pain has gone, I am not bloated, I am able to run again and I have hope.
Marion Ingles, Truro, Cornwall

My IBS, which I had for years, has been cured.  I love my life again.
Claudine Puddy

I picked up an ear infection from a swimming pool, which blocked my hearing for months.  Gary is the only person who has been able to help me.  Thank you.
Peter Brown, Tiverton